North Greenville Crisis Ministry 

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Monday, October 29th,2019
Green Valley Country Club
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HISTORY: Having been established in 1983, we have evolved into a Ministry supported by the generosity of our local churches, businesses, charitable organizations and individuals in our community. This support comes in the form of in-kind donations of food, clothing, and financial contributions. Our Ministry is non-denominational and non-discriminatory, with an operational work force of volunteers coming from all walks of life.

OUR MISSION: To provide assistance while instilling hope and encouragement in a dignified, supportive, faith-centered manner to families and individuals in Greenville County, S. C. experiencing a crisis situation.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: Qualifying individuals and families may receive food and clothing every other month, the amount of which is determined by the number of individuals within the household. The amount of food received is approximately a one-week supply. Limited funds are also available for assistance with rent or utilities. These individuals must live within our boundaries and provide picture identification and proof of residency. We also provide contact information regarding other resources available in our area that they may find helpful. Life skill classes are also part of our service and are required for financial assistance. Our goal is to provide assistance along with the tools needed to regain self-sufficiency.

WHOM WE SERVE: Our Service area encompasses 7 zip codes and 250 square miles of Northern Greenville County which includes some of the more impoverished areas. Our services are targeted towards residents in Northern County who qualify under EFAP income eligibility guidelines. In 2018 we served 3,535 families comprised of 8,850 individuals (of which 38% were children.)

We would welcome a call to schedule a visit and see our Ministry during operation.

To view the upcoming schedule of client classes, please click on Schedule of Client Classes!!


The North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry follows the Greenville County School District closing policy for weather conditions. 

  • If the schools are closed, so are we. 
  • If there is a two hour delay then we are closed. 
  • Should weather conditions be bad on a Crisis Funding Day, funding will be         distributed on the first day we resume regular schedule. 

Thank you.